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This is (a very naked) Ardrik Ilysho, my D&D character. He's an elf, and a ranger! As well as several other things that only my DM knows. Mwehehee >3

ANYWAY. I wanted to draw him in color because all I have of him are some pencil sketches in my character notebook for him. So I set to doodling and um.

Well he came out too pretty to put clothes on, for one. He was initially reaching for an arrow in his quiver, but it shifted to pushing his hair out of the way so his face could actually be seen.

Annndd then I drew him taking a nice manly shower in a pretty scenic spot in the forest. He kind of needs this break. Our party's (chaotic neutral) rogue kinda drives him a little batty. As in, he's shot at the man twice in warning. He hit once, and the rogue caught the other one. He didn't do any real damage, thankfully, but it's a reminder to not be such an asshole. He's one of two boys in the party so he gets fairly protective and mother-hen-y.

He tells everyone his name is "Even," which is short for "Eventide."

NEWAY. Enjoy the view! :iconnosebleedplz:

Both him and the background, lmao, I worked hard on both!


Anyway LMAO this is going to be a bitch to shade and finish but I will get around to it ahaha ;_;

This is my D&D character, Ardrik, having a nice shower in the forest somewhere

(there will be a forest in the background, he's just partially behind a small waterfall having a lovely shower)


You'll get to see his full butt in the finished product. There's really nothing there but cheeks, but THE CENSOR BAR WAS FUNNY, DAMMIT.

.:Might.And.Magic:. by Starymoto
More of Dissidia!Stary. Like I said, I actually REALLY DIG her outfit even if it is a pain in the ass.

Know what's more of a pain in the ass?


I think it looks pretty ok since I was trying to make it look SUPER ANIME and that took a lot of reference.

This is flat colored only because I think I'd rather take a flying leap off a cliff than try to figure out where to shade and where to highlight. GAH.

That staff of hers I designed six (!!!) years ago is her go-to weapon here. It's usually her ultima weapon if my DM lets her have it. It's called "Shephard's Grace," I think. I had a really rough time coming up with a suitable name for it. She has an entire crook-staff tree of weapons in our FFVIII campaign with similar names. LOL.

And she's still as powerful a mage as ever. She stands on even ground with a lot of the people she'd encounter in this world

Provided her levels' high enough, rofl
.:Takin'.You.To.School:. by Starymoto
More flat colors, more campaign stuff.

Because we're silly weaboo shitlords, we HAD to do a high school AU for Dissidia. It's actually pretty in depth and awesome. These are my OC characters in their school uniforms. 

From left to right:
Maya Tribal, Sophomore, Selene Delune, Junior, Stary Hayden, Junior.

Maya lives with the Tribals (Kuja, Zidane, Mikoto, and BelialRedQueen's Alma) who live under the thumb of their landlord and 'father,' Garland. (who teaches history) Kuja supports them, but struggles because of Garland's unrivaled douchebaggery. (Kuja is the music director)

Stary dorms with Candy and Fiamma

Selene dorms with Anna and Berial.

The students at Sanctuary High School all take basic studies during the day, and more interesting subjects at night (Magic, swordsmanship, ect)

This was done as a tabletop, and was ridiculously fun. It was a nice rest from the high action and tense drama that is ACTUAL Dissidia. Yikes.
.:I.Know.My.Kingdom.Awaits:. by Starymoto
More really old art. This was done the day ORAS was announced. Like... spring of last year, I think. 

Hoenn is my favorite region hands down. I cried when they announced it. 

Some of you may remember that Stary was a member of Team Aqua back in the day. The remake made them a lot more malicious, and I loved it!! But Stary didn't so much. Even so, she keeps her bandanna with her to serve as a reminder of where she came from, and why she can never go back to the way she was. It's a part of her history in that world, and she embraces it.

Also, Seabreeze, who has been with her (and me!) for ten years finally got to go home to Hoenn. It's really dumb for me to get that emotional over a friggin' bunch of data and pixels, but when I got a certificate for my friendship with her I cried. Hard. That Latias means the world to me.

Here, Stary and Seabreeze are on the shores of Kalos, preparing to return home.

Gotta love that fur on Stary's coat tho.


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