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.:Might.And.Magic:. by Starymoto
More of Dissidia!Stary. Like I said, I actually REALLY DIG her outfit even if it is a pain in the ass.

Know what's more of a pain in the ass?


I think it looks pretty ok since I was trying to make it look SUPER ANIME and that took a lot of reference.

This is flat colored only because I think I'd rather take a flying leap off a cliff than try to figure out where to shade and where to highlight. GAH.

That staff of hers I designed six (!!!) years ago is her go-to weapon here. It's usually her ultima weapon if my DM lets her have it. It's called "Shephard's Grace," I think. I had a really rough time coming up with a suitable name for it. She has an entire crook-staff tree of weapons in our FFVIII campaign with similar names. LOL.

And she's still as powerful a mage as ever. She stands on even ground with a lot of the people she'd encounter in this world

Provided her levels' high enough, rofl
.:Takin'.You.To.School:. by Starymoto
More flat colors, more campaign stuff.

Because we're silly weaboo shitlords, we HAD to do a high school AU for Dissidia. It's actually pretty in depth and awesome. These are my OC characters in their school uniforms. 

From left to right:
Maya Tribal, Sophomore, Selene Delune, Junior, Stary Hayden, Junior.

Maya lives with the Tribals (Kuja, Zidane, Mikoto, and BelialRedQueen's Alma) who live under the thumb of their landlord and 'father,' Garland. (who teaches history) Kuja supports them, but struggles because of Garland's unrivaled douchebaggery. (Kuja is the music director)

Stary dorms with Candy and Fiamma

Selene dorms with Anna and Berial.

The students at Sanctuary High School all take basic studies during the day, and more interesting subjects at night (Magic, swordsmanship, ect)

This was done as a tabletop, and was ridiculously fun. It was a nice rest from the high action and tense drama that is ACTUAL Dissidia. Yikes.
.:I.Know.My.Kingdom.Awaits:. by Starymoto
More really old art. This was done the day ORAS was announced. Like... spring of last year, I think. 

Hoenn is my favorite region hands down. I cried when they announced it. 

Some of you may remember that Stary was a member of Team Aqua back in the day. The remake made them a lot more malicious, and I loved it!! But Stary didn't so much. Even so, she keeps her bandanna with her to serve as a reminder of where she came from, and why she can never go back to the way she was. It's a part of her history in that world, and she embraces it.

Also, Seabreeze, who has been with her (and me!) for ten years finally got to go home to Hoenn. It's really dumb for me to get that emotional over a friggin' bunch of data and pixels, but when I got a certificate for my friendship with her I cried. Hard. That Latias means the world to me.

Here, Stary and Seabreeze are on the shores of Kalos, preparing to return home.

Gotta love that fur on Stary's coat tho.
.:Miracles.From.Realms.Beyond:. by Starymoto
WOO :dummy: More Final Fantasy trash shit!

This time, Dissidia, where Stary also ventured with her friends. She, when she made it to her, sided with Cosmos. I mean, because, come on. Look at her. She has "Warrior of Harmony" stamped all across her in big neon letters. jfc.

This was done a couple months back when I learned not only of the new Dissidia, but that Distant Worlds was coming back to Seattle (!!!!) for the first time in seven years.

I got tickets. It was on Friday night, and I

Wow. I have no words. There are no words for how amazing it was. I cried. A lot. A LOT.

Fucking incredible. Anyway.

It was originally just Stary and the massive background, but I felt like it was too empty. I put in the 589 crew as a final touch, and it brought a little more life to the piece. 

I'm also diggin' Stary's outfit for Dissida, even if I really fucking hate galaxy fabric. It's only on her vest, thankfully, and is really simple once I stop bitching and complaining.

Alternate costumes for her include her FF9 gettup, her usual blue sleeveless turtlenecck and jeans, and her Turks uniform. She gets a badass elaborate mage outfit when in EX mode that I haven't drawn because I like my hands where they are, tyvm.

Dissidia is my favorite thing ever because it has all my babies in one place and if they aren't there already, they could potentially have been in earlier cycles. So there.
.:Forgotten:. by Starymoto
Whoop. Look at all these new characters!

This is Selene DeLune, who is a....

Well. She's hard to explain without sounding like a weaboo shithead.

Basically, she's an avatar. She's supposed to be a self-insert, but she's kind of... not? Like... she's more like a character with a lot of similar backstory to me before it takes a wild, dramatic left turn that involves scientific experiments and dimensional travel.

The type of experiments and the nature of the person that she is lead to some interesting powers. Selene is fairly mundane in her abilities, having stoneskin levels of defense and incredible speed in combat, but pathetic attack. Her more notable ability is her gift with languages. She can read and speak (and write, if she's reading it) any language under the sun within seconds of being exposed to it. The catch is that she occasionally 'glitches' out and gets stuck in another language, creating a barrier between her and anyone she's with. It takes a shock, physical or mental, usually, for it to wear off or be shaken from her, and for her to return to common (English) and be understandable again. Really only happens if she's translating or speaking.


Selene wound up in Final Fantasy VII with her friends Blue (Anna) and Berial. They stayed for a really... really long time, and against their better judgement and wishes, got fairly deeply mired in the plot. By the time Advent Children came around, they were important enough to be of extreme interest to Kadaj and his brothers, and they were kidnapped and taken to the City of the Ancients.

All three of them also contracted Geostigma after Meteorfall. Selene took a tumble into a puddle of tainted water and was afflicted with it on her knees. She took to wearing skirts in that time because it was easier to have bandages with.

She took to being incredibly quiet when kidnapped by the Remnants, and often dipped her legs into the water to help alleviate some of the pain from the stigma.

So yeah. There's the worst of my OC trash as of late. HURR. ;_; 


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